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    SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA-- Mike McDonough of Business Certainty is busy connecting with his existing insurance services’ clients these days. He wants each of them to know about Business Certainty, the venture he recently launched as a division of McDonough Insurance Services.

    “We invest in people,” stated McDonough, adding that his formula helps businesses grow by removing their chaos with certainty while mitigating their risks.

    Business Certainty is now a big and exciting part of the McDonough’s Insurance Services offering!

    “The values and services I have been providing for more than three decades as McDonough Insurance Services are being strengthened and enhanced to impact over 10,000 businesses in 50 states.” McDonough stated in our exclusive interview with NYnewsyork.com “We are branching out nationally and this can be accomplished in a decade or less!” McDonough added.

    Since individual businesses have different levels of chaos, McDonough and his team provide customized solutions, but only when their problems, frustrations or chaos are clearly identified.

    McDonough explained that all the fixing happens when we become aware of what is happening inside our minds. Business Certainty is all about ways to improve bottom line profits using “intelligent mind growth”.

    You must invest in people, be a strategic partner, improve systems and put happiness back in peoples’ lives. By people, Mike means anyone involved in any part of any business. McDonough states “Removing the chaos will ultimately lead to more harmony in all our endeavors”.  

    Asked how McDonough came up with the idea, Mike answered, “Decades of seeing business owners struggle with clarity, confidence, control and certainty in their business.”

    McDonough, through his years of industry experience, knows there is a real opportunity for Business Certainty and that he and his team of professionals will deliver a myriad of improvements to their clients in the area of workers compensation. Mike understands what he refers to as their “pain points”.

    “One of the keys to helping clients is to define how they’ll benefit from clarity and confidence by ‘cracking the code’ to yield real business wealth.” said McDonough

    “No one is addressing the problems or providing real solutions.”  McDonough mentions. “I take clients from chaos to certainty by reducing their risk, providing resources, removing chaos, and creating certainty.”

    “With no systematic method to quantify the cost of unbridled uncertainty in a business,” he said he looks at his clients’ operations from top-to-bottom to identify what’s going on in order to precipitate change.

    While McDonough said he’d never turn very small business owners away as clients, firms with at least 25 employees can usually benefit the most.

    That’s because growth always brings more chaos to a business and mitigation is highly needed.

    Asked for an overview of the risk element, he cited one example of a construction company that is doing as many as 20 jobs a day, commercial or residential.

    “It all comes back to collaborating with all your resources to make sure you are putting safety first and foremost,” Mike said adding that the mindset of the company’s service culture should be studied.   

    For example, he determines whether or not technicians are going out into the field properly controlled. Have workers been given ladder training? Safety harness, or confined safety training when working underground among other training? Is there adequate ventilation at each worksite to meet government requirements? 

    McDonough highlighted how expansion requires constant control.

    Business Certainty's work reducing overall risks increases the value of any business, while providing control through the various phases of expansion, McDonough stated.

    Business Certainty's Team is bilingual as needed in certain geographic areas, understands many industry cultures and strives to remove stress and uncertainty, while putting workers at ease.

    “Why not collaborate more with your human resources department and your labor attorney?” added McDonough, who acknowledged that many companies he’s worked with do not have HR departments, are typically out of compliance, have high turnover rates and send new employees out to work with no training.

    McDonough found that most of the agencies he reviewed cite similar scenarios while offering little to no substance about building wealth-growth for their clients. Business Certainty addresses these problems and always provides solutions.

    Still, Mike knows that mindset. “It's more about them than their own clients,” so Mike and his team went to work and created Business Certainty.  

    “A quick example is Hurricane Ian and all the uncertainty a natural disaster prompts!

    Are we entering a recession or are we already in one?”

    While the energy going into questions like that can be draining, the goal is simply to identify as much chaos as possible.

    “If you don’t have certainty than what you have is chaos! It’s about investing in people, supporting them and systematically improving morale!

    Things can rapidly turn around.”

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